Fundraising Tech Designed by actual Nonprofit People

Project Management for nonprofits is different. Our decades of fundraising experience reduce your time planning and executing administrative tasks so you can spend time on what's important to you and your mission.

Projects designed for every mission

Our tailored projects will outline every step of any fundraising activity, from events, to major giving and year-end giving.

All copy is pre-drafted and ready to edit or approve

Over one hundred Missions to choose from

Never forget an important step in the process

Complete monthly quests that pay you

Fundraising is a habit. We help you develop it. Complete 10 activities a month and receive a matching donation.

Reminds you of important actions that are easy to forget

Creates monthly donor engagement

Earn dollars to use towards one-on-one consulting support

Custom design missions for your nonprofit fundraising

Every mission might be a little different, we help you build YOUR missions to repeat and use again.

Add fun innovative fundraising concepts

Tailor your mission to your needs

Search through creative ideas and management styles for your best fit

Our Team

Meet the team behind the scenes

Jordan Kough
Emily Artner
Vice President
Emily Ajello
Vice President
Emily Maust
Vice President

Our benefits

Each month you'll get 10 quests and when you complete each one you'll receive a credit for consulting hours with our experts. For the first year, Your Mission Possible is discounting our product, so market the discount as a match and you can fundraise total cost of our program!


Quests Available Per Year


Missions to Select


Matching Available

"Working with Your Mission Possible has been incredible. After seven years, their stewardship of our revenue programs helped us sustain through COVID, manage a sponsorship program, and build a new revenue-generating social enterprise."

Ashley Holmer

Founder and Executive Director, Red Sweater
Founder, Red Rhino Tours

"I’ve known and worked with Jordan Kough and Your Mission Possible for almost ten years and am constantly impressed with their tenacity, detail management, and direct communication. They are my go-to partner for fundraising support."

Ben Orbach

CEO, The Ascendent Athlete

"Our time working with Your Mission Possible helped us build our fundraising strategy and focus on the things that were most valuable for First Look Media and The Intercept. YMP helped us craft a strategy that leveraged our difference from other organizations to increase giving from deeply loyal donors, and build a program that was targeted and unique."

Kate Myers

Former Executive Director, Revenue and Operations

First Look Media & The Intercept

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Accept your first Mission today! The full release of our program will be live January 8th!


How much will the program cost?

The program will cost $2,000 per month but is discounted to $1,000/month for clients with a budget over $250,000 and $500/month for clients with a budget less than that.  

How do I earn free consulting hours?

Each month you'll receive 10 quests that we know are important fundamentals to being successful at fundraising. For each quest you complete, you'll receive $25 per quest that can be credited towards a consulting hour.

How does the program work?

We've broken down every step into a task into the various administrative functions that you need to execute along the way. Those tasks are then put into sequences for every Mission you need to accomplish to find fundraising success.

What is a Mission?

Each activity that you need to complete to be successful in fundraising is already designed in a Mission, just like the Year End Mission in our demo video.

How are Missions designed?

Each Mission is designed by our experts based on their experiences and activities involved in fundraising over their career. We are constantly updating our Missions based on feedback from different users, too!

What if I can't find a Mission that I need?

Just contact us! We will design a personalized Mission to add to our library.

Pricing plan

For organizations of over a $250,000 budget, are discounted to $1,000 per month.

For organizations of under a $250,000 budget, are discounted to $500 per month.

$1000 / 500 / mo
Access to over 60+ missions
Email and letter drafts
Unlimited Mission activations
Integrated email formatting
Request new Mission templates
Responsive email support
Social media and design templates 
Access to free nonprofit resources
Tutorial videos 
Consulting services available
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Your fundraising 

Our system is individually tailored by you to do the administrative tasks that consume your day. We believe in this system so much, we'll match donations you earn by completing activities we know will lead to fundraising to success.